A Smarter Planet

I find IBM’s current initiative around “A Smarter Planet” to be very interesting and thought provoking. I have long been interested in what an “instrumented world” might look like – years ago, long before RFID,  I encouraged retail clients to think beyond “point of sale” systems to “point of movement” systems. I had similar conversation around healthcare, energy and many other areas. I think what I was really getting at was “point of interest” systems , i.e. having sensors/instrumentation wherever a change of state is of interest as an input to decision making. IBM now talks of this saying that we should do this in many areas because we can. I have long believed that there is enormous potential for individual, corporate, national and global good here. History has however shown that we should not always do things because we can, and certainly  not without understanding the desired outcomes, the other consequences (particularly the unintended ones),  “connecting the dots”, and managing the significant technical and behavioural change that will be required. I encourage you to look at the IBM material, and join the discussion – we all live on this planet!

A recent InfoWorld article, “Get smart about the future of IT“,  by Ephraim Schwartz goes some way in “connecting the dots” with a discussion of some of the technical implications. 
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