Why the Recession is Marginalizing CIOs

This CIO Enterprise blog by Thomas Wailgum paints a sorry picture of the state of the CIO and the IT function – below are a few quotes with my comments in bold – yes this time I am quietly screaming! If I had the smarts to add music to this post it would be that old Peter, Paul and Mary line (for those of you old enough to remember) – “When will they ever learn?”
…business execs getting angrier about the typical 12- to 18-month ERP or CRM software implementation that is unlikely to come in on time, costs more than anticipated and typically delivers unsatisfying results
How engaged were the business executives in the decision to undertake this “software implementation” – actually a business change program – and in managing the program? They are the ones ultimately responsible for the delivery of value from such programs!
…business executives [53%] said that the top IT priority and most important driver was acquiring and retaining customers…Nearly 50% of business execs judged IT’s performance as ‘fair’ or ‘poor’ …5% said IT [did not support it] at all
So what are they doing about this disconnect – hoping it will get better?
…slightly less than 50% of CIOs said that IT is still considered a cost center”
If you treat IT as a cost center, you only have yourself to blame if it behaves like a cost center!

“CIOs having only technology aspects in mind will be replaced…
Why are they still there? Maybe the person who hasn’t already replaced them should also be replaced!
End of era for technology implementations without immediate return is promptly approaching
It ended a long time ago – where have these people been?
The really sad thing here is that this blog could well have been written ten years ago – probably even fifteen or twenty…OK, cut to music – “When will they ever learn?”
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