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John Thorp is an internationally recognized management consultant and speaker with over 50 years’ experience covering all aspects of the information management field, including technical, management and executive positions. Author of “The Information Paradox“, John’s focus is on realizing the benefits of information technology-enabled change. A highly effective strategist, communicator and facilitator, he has led many assignments in strategic planning, organizational change, and value management.

John is a frequent writer and speaker on various aspects of strategic planning, information as a strategic resource, and the effective management of information technology (IT) to create and sustain business value. He has addressed and advised leaders of the world’s largest organizations in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia-Pacific, including Fortune 100 companies, assisting them in addressing a number of key challenges including:

  • Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their IT delivery;
  • Picking the winning business capabilities from an ever-growing range of technology opportunities; and
  • Ensuring that they realize real business value from those capabilities, including both current and future capabilities.

Over the last ten years, John’s work has extended beyond IT to the broader issues of Enterprise Value Management, and Strategic Governance. Working with the IT Governance Institute (ITGI), John lead the development of Val IT™, an open framework containing proven practices for optimising the value of IT-enabled change which complements ITGI’s existing COBIT™ framework. John is also a member of the ISO working group on corporate governance of IT.

John clients have included Allied Irish Bank, Boeing, Canadian Utilities, Centrica, Fujitsu, Lloyds Bank, Marriott, Mobil, the National Bank of New Zealand, Nova Gas Transmission, Roche, Sears, Syncrude, and Telstra. His public sector clients have included departments of the Governments of British Columbia, Alberta, and the Yukon, the RCMP, departments of the Governments of NSW, Queensland, and South Australia, as well as Centrelink, the Health Insurance Commission, and the West Australian Police Service in Australia, and the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and Government Accounting Office (GAO) in the US.

John is a Certified Management Consultant, holds the Canadian Information Processing Society’s I.S.P.  and ITCP professional designations, is a member of the Society for Information Management in the United States, and is a founding member of the Enterprise Portfolio Management Council (EPMC).

As President of The Thorp Network Inc., a BC Corporation, based in North Saanich, John offers a number of value related services, both individually, and through a network of partner organizations.

You can see John’s full CV here 201210Thorp, John B&W

You can contact John at john_thorp@thorpnet.com

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